Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Houston, We have a problem...

UPDATE: Ok, ladies, I know this sounds silly, but can you say a little prayer for your friendly Armchair Housewife today? Turns out my car did not start last night and I am going to have my neighbor jump the car so I can get it to the mechanic this morning. The problem is I doubt that busy garage is going to be able to get my car done by 3 today, which is when I'm supposed to be done with work and heading home to get turkey breast and potatoes in the oven for my dinner party tonight. I have been so looking forward to this evening for a while now, and have been working at getting the house decorated and the dinner prepped ahead of time, but as of last night I feel like someone popped by baloon and I'm all deflated. I can probably have someone from the office run me home at 3, but I was supposed to get to the store one more time to get a few things and now i don't think that will happen, and a ride home right at 3 is not a garuntee.

Anyway, my girlfriends are coming over at 5:30 so if you could say a little entertainment prayer for me: I so want this evening to be lovely but I'm stressing now.

Thanks, ladies!

I had to start the computer about 9 times before it actually booted. I am pretty sure my old Lappy here is on her death throws. That will be a major downer if she passes completely because, working only three days a week (and having to go in early to work to use the computer for personal stuff), my blogging ability would take a pretty serious hit.

Hubby is looking into getting a new computer for work in the new year, which means I would inherit his current laptop and no complaints there, I can even use it in the lvingroom becuase it has wireless capability (which shows you how old my dear Lappy is that she can't do wireless; She's just an old fashioned kind of gal). But that's all a maybe and so I'm hoping the old girl can hang on a little longer.

And my car is struggling, too. I'm pretty sure it's the alternator, but i had to have my car jump started in order to get home today, and I made the decision to come home instead of taking the car to the shop becuase I have my girls' Christmas dinner planned for tomorrow night and I can't have it in te shop for the next two days or the dinner won't happen. So I'm just hoping that the car fairy can keep old jalopy going until thursday morning, and if not, I'll just have to keep jump starting it. Entertainment before safety and practicality, ladies, that's what I always say. ;)

So here's to the computer and car faries... get to work, ladies!


Walking on Sunshine... said...

I think our computer may be joining yours! It's slowing down and acting up sometimes, so I think we can wait just long enough for me to get all my pictures off of here! Would hate for something to happen and then no pictures!! Hope your car is okay for shopping and you have a nice visit with your friends. Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear of your problems, Houston! Praying all goes well, and you keep your "poise" through it all. No doubt the evening will be a blessing.

Love Mom Mueller