Thursday, December 4, 2008

Confessions of a Reformed Messie

As I may not have a ton of time today to blog (I am going to try to do some tonight, but I'm not sure as my living room is still not entirely put together. I am convinced that the person that put the electric sockets in our living room had a demonic psychic ability and placed them in the precise place that would make it impossible for me to put our shelves in any sort of logical order.) I am sharing this article that Lynn wrote, about her journey from Bonafide Messie to Recovering Housewife. It's funny and insightful, so enjoy it here.


Elizabeth said...

Some of us were born messy and some were born organized, and I'll never tell which I am by nature! LOL. Aren't we all glad that every day is a new chance to improve. :)
(Project Home Economics)

Kristi said...

I loved reading that article! It was as though it could have been written by me!!! Excepting the part where she actually figured out that it just needed to be done and doing it...I haven't gotten to that part yet. Thank you for this post, so often I feel like the only one who struggles with this issue.