Thursday, December 11, 2008

Armchair Confessional VI

This might seem like a diet confessional (which it certainly is as well), but it is in fact a housewife confessional more than anything this morning. I am getting much better about having dinners prepared nightly, but I am still struggling to get breakfast ready before I go to work on Tues, Wed, and Thursday. and when I say "struggling" what I mean is "not getting up early enough to get my fire lit and get something prepared for us". So, I confess that, probably more than half of my work mornings, I don't prepare anything, so hubby goes without and I either grab something on the way to work, or more often I just grab a handful of almonds and an apple for breakfast. And there's actually nothing wrong with the latter option for me; nuts and fruit is a great breakfast. Problem is, though, hubby doesn't like that and so if I don't prepare something, he goes without.

I'm going to try to make more muffins and breakfast casserole kinds of things on my at-home days to last us through the week. That's probably the only way it will happen, because I'm usually just not up for making eggs and bacon and being out the door by 8:30.

How faithful are you ladies about making breakfast? Do you prep something for your hubby before he goes off to work (or, in my case, before I go off to work)?


the voice of melody said...

Now that's a shocking confession! :)

To go along with your muffins, have you thought of fruit smoothies? They're great for on the go. :)

Armchair Housewife said...

I have done shakes and smoothies in the past, and do them on and off, but again, not so much for my Dear hubby. He wants "real food" in the morning and that doesn't cut it for him. :)

Thanks for the suggestion though!

Walking on Sunshine... said...

My hubby is usually only home on weekends and I love to prepare breakfast for him, but when we were both working it was always something fast on work days, cereal, bagel, muffin, etc. Don't stress over it! The muffin idea is great or maybe just set the table the night before for cereal and he can help himself while you're getting ready. The mornings you're home, go all out for him and make him feel for me!

Armchair Housewife said...


Hearing that you only have your hubby home on the weekends makes me so thankful that I have my fella at home during the week. God bless you guys and bless you for working to make your marriage so good during the times you have with your man.

OhLookADuck said...

My situation is a little different (aren't they all!), but my husband leaves very early for work--around 5:30a or earlier--and doesn't like breakfast before he goes. But we have six children and we don't have time for a big fancy breakfast except on the weekends even though they are all home all day (we homeschool). Who has time for all that from scratch every day?

We have hot cereal and toast most weekdays, but sometimes we make a big batch of waffles when we are having them and we freeze the rest. All you have to do on a busy morning is pop one in the toaster and presto! in the time it takes to make toast, you can have a waffle breakfast.

You can also beat several eggs ahead of time, have chopped veggies from a dinner prep, and in the time it takes to heat a pan, you'll have an awesome omelet or scrambled eggs with onions, peppers, whatever. Add a sprinkle of pre grated cheese and a spoon of sour cream and he'll think he's at a gourmet place, and he'll be right. Only he'll have a better waitress! The longest time involved will be eating it.

I always spend a little time with the food processor after grocery shopping, shredding cheeses, chopping onions, bell peppers, etc. then when I cook it's just a matter of throwing things together, not having to do each step separately.

Another quick breakfast on the go is to have those pre-scrambled eggs in the fridge and pop some toast in whie they cook without being stirred. Flip them, toss a slice of cheese on top and a piece of sliced ham if you have it like for lunchmeat and there you have an egg sandwich just like they have at the fast food place. Wrap it in a paper towel and it's portable as well.

I hope this helps. Mostly, your attitude of wanting to help your husband is what is going to shine through and you've already got that down. Plus the muffins--that's really fancy already!


Armchair Housewife said...

Ladies, thank you all. Karen, you have SIX children! Wow, that's great! Man,I'm never going to complain to you about my time crunch again.. haha.

The truth about dear hubby is that he will simply not eat breakfast if I don't put something out that he can just grab and sink his teeth into. And it isn't that he complains... he'll just not eat breakfast. He won't even make a bowl of cereal usually, he's just too focused on getting started with work (did I ever mention how hard-working my man is?).

I think the deal is going to be make muffins or bannan bread or something on Mondays to carry us through Tue, wed, Thursday, and I can make eggs or make him a bowl of oatmeal or cereal on the days I don't go into the office. Just have to get it done on Mondays.

Thanks again, ladies!

Angela said...

My hubby doesn't usually eat breakfast, and when he does, he makes it himself, or cooks for all of us,lol. I'm not a breakfast eater usually.

I have prayed also GREATLY that God would work in me to provide healthy suppers for my family, (not ordering out). I try to plan meals on Monday for the week, take them out of the freezer so they will be ready and on hand to fix and cook up. I also try to make a few meals on the weekend where all I have to do is heat them up in the oven during the week. I continue and WILL not stop, praying that God will make me a Proverbs 31 Woman!!