Saturday, December 6, 2008

Anne Rice is my Hero

Did y'all know that Anne Rice is a serious, hard-core Christian? Apparenly he was raised in the catholic church but lost her faith during college and didn't believe for so 38 years. Apparently, in 1998, though, she returned to faith, was born again (her words) and is now living totally for our Lord Jesus Christ.

I knew she had written a book on the life of Christ, but when I saw it in the bookstore a couple of years ago I thought, "no thanks-Anne Rice's version of Jesus' life! ha!". Goes to show you shouldn't judge a book by the presumption you have about its author! Her books on Jesus, as well as her new spiritual auto biography are at the TOP of my list for Christmas presents. Please treat yourself and listen to the interview with her by James Dobson here. This is for part one,a nd you'll see the part 2 link to the right of the page when you're done.

I'm a bit miffed I didn't know about this sooner, and I want to go out on a limb and say that the reason that Anne's conversion and new zeal to write Christian fiction is not well known in the protestant church because 1) she's Catholic and 2) she is a well-known previously secular artist. I have never seen these Anne Rice novels in the christian book store, or in my church library, and I am going to ask why next time I visit. I am excited because Anne talks in this interview about wanting to resurrect Christian art, including films, and I think we need a very serious renewal in the world of Christian arts and culture.

Has anyone read these books? I'd love your thoughts.


kari and kijsa said...

WOw- we didn't know about this either! thanks for sharing!

kari & kijsa

OhLookADuck said...

I did know of Anne Rice's conversion a year or two ago and wanted to check out her book on Christ and see what she had to say. I was somewhat disappointed in it, but I can attribute that to a fairly new walk in her faith and not yet being well grounded in scripture. I certainly wouldn't want my new found faith under a spotlight, so I give her lots of credit for that.

Mainly it reminded me that no matter how immersed in darkness and evil someone seems to be, God is bigger than any "obstacle" and we (me) need to remember that no one is a lost cause!

FreeMommie said...

Before I was saved, Anne's secular books were my favorites. I am thrilled to see that she's come back home and can't wait to check out her book. Thanks!

Armchair Housewife said...

Thanks you all, ladies, for your comments.

Karen, I actually believe that Anne has spent a ton of time in the scripture and in extra biblical historical accounts of that time. Her desire with the book, as I understand it, is to use poetic license to fill in where scripture does not tell us about Jesus' life. I have not read the books (yet!) myself so I can't say for sure, but when I saw her in the interview she said she was determined not to write anything that would contradict scripture, but she wanted to fictionalize what "might have been". But if you're read them, you know better than me. I'll report on them after I read them!

Angela said...

I listened to her on Focus on the Family a few months back. I want to buy the book also. By the way, there are ALOT of borngaincatholic', I'm one of them. It's quite funny in some ways, most Catholic's don't describe themselves as 'bornagain', but THIS is what we are. One priest said during his 'homily',(sermon) about how Protestants talk about bornagain but we as Catholic's don't say it very often, but THAT IS WHAT WE ARE when we have made the King of kings and the Lord of lords our Savior!! I loved it when he said that,,a great AMEN to that!

Armchair Housewife said...


Amen! I know there are many born again Catholics and that is why I lament that more protestants don't know about Rice's books. As I said I confess i believe it is because there is an underlying prejudice against Catholic believers in the protestant world, although I do see that changing (Glory Hallelujah!).

Angela said...

I have EXPERIENCED fist hand the attacks of other fellow brothers and sisters in the Lord. When I felt called by God to go back to my Roman Catholic Church 11 years ago (kicking and screaming I may add,lol), I found I was MORE attacked by non Catholic's. They tried to make me feel I was giving up on my faith in Christ Jesus! When I left the Catholic Church, I was encouraged by a priest not to give up my faith in God just because the Catholic Church was slow in changing their ways. He NEVER made me feel I was losing my faith if I went to another denomination.((hugs))