Monday, November 24, 2008

Working Girl

It is 6:00 pm on Monday night and, while I should have gone home 3 hours ago, instead i am sitting here in the cold (furnace automatically goes off in the office after 5) and relative dark (not enough light in my section of the office when the sun goes down) working on payroll processing and don't expect to leave until about 8 or so. I am leaving Wed afternoon for Thanksgiving and will be missing two days of work. On top of this my job has just gotten busier and busier lately with increased call volume, more employees on the payroll staff, more payables, etc.

I am SO thankful that, starting Dec when I get back from Thanksgiving break, I will only work Tuesday-Thursday. Granted, the first month or two those will likely be long days, but just having two more days at home will be so wonderful. My heart is so at home now; if I could I would probably quit my job outright but I don't feel led by the Lord to do that just yet. Baby steps here, trusting God and being thankful for the progress I'll be making.

So, back to work here. Ladies who are reading this and are workers at home full time and sometimes feel like you're missng out for not working outside the home, or sometimes wonder if the grass is greener please let me assure you: it is NOT.

The one good thing about working in the office after hours is I can listen to the Beth Moore Archive and blast it without worrying about disturbing anyone. :) Thanks, Miss Beth, for keeping me company!


Elizabeth said...

How nice that you will have extra time at home.

I can remember that before I married, I was the only one left in an office on a rainy day before Thanksgiving. I was on the tenth floor of an office building and, since our company took up the whole floor, I was the only one left on the floor. I actually had not work left to do that day but was there to answer the phones on the off chance that someone might call. I don't remember that anyone did call. I made the mistake of reading a scary book that was popular at the time. Why, I read it, I don't know, as I don't like scary books. I never was so glad when I was able to leave!

Armchair Housewife said...

Oh dear! That story is both heartbreaking and funny at the same time... what posessed you to read that scary book all by yourself? I get creeped out just thinking about it! :)

It reminds me of the week before Christmas and New years at work. No one really comes i but me, as I am the phone-answering and the door keeper. But not this year! Yay!

Anonymous said...

Hi Nicole~
I am so proud of your decorations! You are a true Becky Homemeckie..I say that all love. I needed some name plates for people to sit at the table to ward off awkwardness and I found a cute idea using pinecones with a card attached. I spray painted the pine cones gold to just add some color but they turned out adorable and then I put a little slit at the top of the cone and added their name. Cheap -going green and will resuse them in my Christmas decorations. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and I love you very much. PS. The Dominican was incredible :-)

Aunt Sheila

Armchair Housewife said...

Aunt Sheila,

That sounds fantastic! Email me the pic of it and I'll post it (and I may well steal the idea, too!).