Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Videos that make you go "Hmmm..."

First of all, who gets that cultural reference? Watch out, you're dating yourself. ;)

Just some tidbits I wanted to share here, not related to housewifery. In fact, this will be my third post not directly related to housewifery in a row, so I promise to get back on topic after this post.

The first clip is of Dr. Cornel West, with whom I disagree with on a number of theological particulars, but the man is definitely a believer and I so often appreciate his perspective (and the fact that he calls everyone "brother" and "sister".. my favorite instance was seeing him speak next to Mos Def, and referring to him as "Brother Mos". I just want to hug him, because even when he disagrees with someone he exemplifies grace). In this clip he is talking about the state of democracy, and what he says around 2:54 about his allegiance being first to the cross, and second to the flag, got me out of my seat when i first saw it.

The second video is of Bob Dylan, circa 1980, performing he song "Pressing On" from his Saved album. I have this album, it's one of my favorites, but I can't always listen to this one. Just last night i was doing dishes and this song came on, and when I heard Dylan say, "I just keep pressing on..." it broke my heart. It's a good reminder to pray for Dylan, as he so strongly professed Christ at one time, but has since wandered from his faith. He has never denounced Christ, however, and my prayer is he will return to his spiritual home. Enjoy the song



dpm said...

"moral constipation! couldn't get the good out of his soul" --- that is classic!

Armchair Housewife said...

I was hoping someone would comment on that, I laughed and laughed. God bless him!

Civilla said...

We loved Bob Dylan's Christian albums, and bought them again (we gave the original LP ones away years ago). I hope he comes back to the Lord.