Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Thanksgiving Break

I have a feeling that many of our blogs will be quiet for the next few days as we (Lord willing) pause to enjoy the company of our friends and families and slow down the pace of life to enjoy feasting and napping and fellowship with those we love. I am traveling today and I would appreciate prayer for traveling mercies, as I'll be driving by myself this afternoon and evening, in the dark and snow, for about a 9 hours drive to my mother's house, and the another 4-5 hour drive tomorrow to NJ where we're supping at my aunt's.

I'll have lots of fun stuff to share when I get back, and I pray you all have a blessed long weekend (and don't get mowed down, or mow anyone down for that matter, trying to buy a bunch of junk on Friday morning, OK?).

In Christ,

The Armchair Housewife


simplysanctified said...

Hope you have an absolutely wonderful time! Happy Thanksgiving! Hope the day is special and filled with so many wonderful blessings!

Elizabeth said...

Hope you had a safe trip and a wonderful time.