Saturday, November 22, 2008

Second Hand Armchair

Good morning, ladies! Or at least, it's a good morning where i am today, and i pray a good one for you. It's saturday morning, and it's a beautiful winter morning outside, the snow was slightly falling when i woke up this morning. Thanks to staying relativly on top of things this week, the house is in pretty good order this morning, so I popped a load in the washer, made a bacon and egg sandwhich, and have sat down to enjoy catching up with my favorite blogger girlfriends and doing this fun (for me at least) post. Mr. Armchair is at his men's group this morning, so it's just me and Stuart (and I must confess my heart strings tugged a bit this morning that there was no bunny to let out and feed, but again, total peace).

After this post y'all are going to think all I do is shop. And really, it's not true at all, but in the past couple of weeks in my persuit to be more mindful about making my house a home, i have been on the prowl for goodies to warm the place up, as well as my hunt for materials for Christmas crafts (why pay more?). And there's just nothing like second hand stores to do the trick.

Last Saturday I hit up Value Village, which is a chain of large department-sized second hand stores here in the great white north. It's not my favorite place becauase, in my frugal opinion, they overcharge for second hand items. But, I was hoping they would have their Christmas stuff out, beause they usually set a whole section of the store aside with lots of goodies. Alas, no large Christmas section yet, but I did find this gravy boat, something I needed as I have been putting gravy in a cream pitcher since we've been married.

I sort of resent paing 4.99 for it, but I guess that' sbetter than the retail price would have been for a pyrex gravy boat. and it's green and white, so will go with my dishes.

I also ran into my good friend, and some-time commenter here at Armchair Housewife, Lynne. Looks like she's a savvy shopper, too.

Then, I treated myself to a visit to the Antique Warehouse here in our town. I don't go very often because when I hear "antique store" I think "house of coveting". I love almost everything I see and can afford none of it. But... just for fun I took a wee stroll, and found these goods that I was coveting enough to take a picture of.

They wanted to come home with me, but I didnt have a couple hundred dollars to blow on dishes, no matter how pretty.

A whole ROOM of retro stuff! Bestill my heart!

But THEN, lo and behold, I found this

And I thought, no way I can afford it, but it matches my dishes so I'll look. And it was only 8 dollars! Not too bad! I continued walking around the store and in four different "booths" I found following, all for under 30 dollars!

For a closer look...

I can't tell you how excited I am, because now I have some serving dishes to go with the plates and goblets for my holiday table. This weekend i am going to sit down and do up invites for some friend and family i want to have over for Christmas dinners over the month of December, and I am excited to be able to make my home warm and festive with good food and these fun find. Apparently I picked the right thing to "collect", becuase this sturdy pressed green glass is pretty commonplace and not very expensive, but still retro and pretty (in my estimation).

If that wasn't enough excitement for the week, one of the churches in town threw a "Second Hand Boutique", which was essentially a glorified rummage sale, but they did the genius move of "fill a bag for 5 dollars" and pay whatever you feel led to for larger items. All proceeds went to the comunnity centre, and it was great! Here's the loot I made out with (all for ten dollars, mind you).

It might be hard to see, but that's a stack of mint condition Martha Stewart Living, of which i was excited to find two Christmas editions full of fun ideas!

I've hung this wreath in my dining room.

This purse has never been used.

Don't know what I'll do with this, but it's cute. Any suggestions?

Oh, and on a small-world note, this topiary tree, as it turns out, belonged to Lynne, from the picture above, before the sale.

WELL, that was fun! I'm off now to catch up on email, turn over the laundry, put it all away and, Lord willing, really make some progress on my Christmas ornament making. I got one batch started last Saturday, but I have not had the time during the week to deocrate that bath or start another. As soon as I have at least one batch finished, I'll post some pic with "how to".
Blessings, ladies!


Sarah D. said...

I wish my town had better second hands stores. I am jealous of your great purchases!

Kelli said...

You found some wonderful things! I love the topiary tree..I'd wrap white lights all around it for Christmas. :0)

Armchair Housewife said...

Hi Sarah and Kelli! I am so glad that you both loved my finds. Somtimes when you get all excited about your second hand goodies and you go to show them to people, you think, "I wonder if they are going to be thinking,'why is she so excited about this junk?!" Haha... so thanks for being excited with me.

And Miss Kelli, i am loving your blog but haven't had enough time to post as many comments as I'd like to. But I'm a follower for sure. ;)

50s Housewife said...

"house of coveting" That really made me laugh! Too true for me. :)