Sunday, November 9, 2008

A Saturday in the Life

It's Sunday evening about 5:30 and I have a chicken in the pot on the stove, a load of laundry in the dryer, the floor vacuumed, dishes done, and bed made. Hubby is out doing a little office supply shopping and little Stuey is curled up asleep on his bed at my feet. I've got my pumpkin spice candle lit on the table next to me, my comfy slippers on, and water boiling for a warm cup of something (haven't decided what yet). I've got Ruthanne's jukebox playing from over at Warm Pie, Happy Home (thanks, Ruthanne, you have great taste), and a bunch of pictures to upload, so it's time for some blogging!

I decided to chronicle my day yesterday as a way of journaling what a typical shopping and cleaning day is like, both for sharing's sake and for posterity. In theory, if I keep this blog going and can look back on it somehow someday, it will be a hoot to see what a week's worth of groceries went for in 2008, should the Lord tarry. :)

My first stop yesterday was Michael's craft store. True to my word, I am going to handmake most of my Christmas presents this year (sorry to anyone reading this who expects a present and was hoping for something from Apple or Williams' Sonoma...).

And this is the loot I bought:

Michaels' Grand Total: $88.53

Doesn't look like a whole lot for 88 dollars, does it? And that's with 30% off the Martha stuff and 50% off the ribbons. Oh well, this stuff will go long way in crafting (I hope).

By the time I got done in Mike's it was lunchtime, and so I decided to treat myself my favorite restaurant.. You can't beat the Lotus Tea house for quality, tasty vegetarian Chinese food and their teas are truly artisanal works of beauty.

Working on the Christmas list while I wait for my goodies

Lotus Tea House Almond Tea: a truly transformative experience.

Now that I was all filled up on crispy noodles with vegetables and chef's special sauce combo #2, I it was back to shopping for me. Next stop: Vincenzo's Italian gourmet market.

Vincenzo's is a dangerous place to go unless you have barrels of cash that need to get spent to make room for all the other barrels of cash that you need to fit into your bank vault. It's a gorgeous, amazing store that smells like fresh bread, homemade marinara sauce, and Italian espresso. I don't want to speak out of turn, but I can't imagine heaven smelling any better. There are aisles of awesome, tasty gourmet goodies, and an entire aisle of cheese.

I manage to be pretty disciplined and usually just pick up some nice cheeses for snacking. This that I brought home:

Vincenzo's grand total: $16.38

Ouch. That's pretty pricey for two blocks of cheese and some olives, even if it is Guinness Cheddar (yes, as in the beer) and Greek garlic-stuffed olives. How do you spell the sound you make when you're drooling?

Right next store to Vincenzo's is The Old Kitchen Cupboard, a homey little organic store that looks and feels like the general stores of days gone by. I mostly purchase our animal products there, as we try to eat organic meat and dairy.

And the loot:

OKC grand total: $102.49

That is a lot of money, no doubt. But What you might not be able to tell from the picture is that i have multiple packages of bacon, ham, steaks, and summer sausage. basically, i stack up on meat there once a month and put it in the freezer. So, that's meat for more than one week for sure! Also, their nuts are the best, highest quality I have found. These three bags will last us weeks and weeks- but when you buy them all at once it's quite a hit.

Well! I'm getting tired just reliving it! After OKC I was wanting a "pick me up" so I headed to where else?

Unfortunately, as much as I love lattes, I love not standing in this line even more:
So, instead of a latte I wound up with these lovely research materials:

I am generally NOT a magazine buyer, as i find them to be a waste of money and space-takers. But, right now, as i am really making an effort to make my home more inviting and homey, and with Christmas coming and my desire to do it homemade, these magazines have actually given me much-needed inspiration and guidance. To everything there is a season...

On to Sobey's, the Supermarket I frequent to buy my fresh fruit and veg, bread, cheese and eggs(the carry store-brand organics as lower prices than OKC), and juice. Basically, 'around the edges' of the store shopping. The owners of this Sobey's do a nice job of keeping the store clean and organized, and the produce is always fresh which is important to me.

Sobey's grand total: $69.53. Not too shabby for all those goodies.

One last stop: Bulk barn. I just love bulk barn but I have to be mindful not to get a barn full of bulk I don't need, if you catch my drift. Here's my loot:

BB grand total: $10.71.
Not as pretty as the prepackaged goods, but great deals on spices and baking goods.

Home again, home again, jiggity jig. After hubby helped me in the house with all the goods, I put on a pot of cider to get the house smelling good and get me in the right mood for cleaning.

In between some laundry

And some dishes
I made up some yummy baked apples (recipe to follow in another post) for us to enjoy. Perfect fall dessert, and at 180 calories, pretty guilt free.

Caleb and I settled in with dinner and a movie, some sci-fi miniseries we got out of a bargain bin called The Lost Room. it was pretty entertaining, and I enjoyed being able to rest at the end of a long day of shopping, cooking, and cleaning, knowing my home was a decent order, my husband had a belly full of homemade food, and God blessed me with the ability, and the resources, to do it all.

God Bless you if you stuck it out to the end. If you have, I would love to know what your shopping habits are like. Do you shop once a week? Once a month? Many times a week? Do you go to supermarkets, farm's markets, or little shops here and there?
Thanks, ladies, for spending a day with me!


Anonymous said...

Hi - just read your SAt post and found myself wondering which city you shop in!! For me it's Foodland and No Thrills with the odd exception depending where I go. In the summer road stands are the greatest! Mary H

Armchair Housewife said...


Thanks for stopping by. I shop in K-W. The sobeys is in w and the other stores are in K. Thanks for stopping by! :)

Lynne said...

This is awesome! I can't believe you took the time to take pictures of all your groceries before you put them away and then write about it - you are such a scrapbooker at heart!! As for my grocery shopping habits, they are in fact in the midst of changing so it's difficult to comment; however I can tell you that I bought a whole chicken today because I'm craving a roasted chicken with mashed potatoes. I love Vincenzo's as well - particularly their homemade pasta and cheeses - and I always find it best to shop with a list and to make every effort to stick to the list - otherwise, look out! Also, I make it a point to try to only grocery shop when I am NOT hungry...

Oh yeah, and it's very dangerous around here when the President's Choice Insider's Report comes out - you just have to try those new things, you know? Love ya Nicole

Armchair Housewife said...


I have seen other blogger ladies do this, and I wanted to do it, too. And it really doesn't take that much time, becuase you basically take the stuff out of the bags and put it on the table. In fact, in some ways it made putting everything away quicker and faster, which I liked.

I don't get too sucked into the PC catalogue because I rarely shop at NO Frills (I hate their produce), which is a good thing becuase I agree with you that they get all these nice new tidbits and I waste my tidbit money at Vincenzos! :)

Mmm.. roast chicken... mmm.. :)