Friday, November 7, 2008

Louis Wittig and Grace Lu

Louis George Wittig IV and Grace Lu
married Saturday, October 25th, 2008
Altamont, New York

Louis and Grace,

Loudawg, I met you in 1999 when we were going to school together at SUNY Geneseo. You were my (at the time) boyfriend Dave's roommate. I knew right away we shared a sense of humor, and that you would "get" my stupid jokes and cultural references. I also knew right away that you loved the Simpsons, grilled cheese sandwiches and mashed potatoes, and Pepsi. Lots of Pepsi. I grew to learn that you also loved the Daily Show, Bob Marley, right wing ideology, helping your broke friend, and walking around in your boxer shorts.

Then you moved to California to attend grad school, where you learned to love the homeless guys outside your apartment building, Mexican food, rejection letters, and controversial thesis topics.

And then you met Grace, and while your infatuation with her was instant, it has been over the past six years you have been together that you continues to learn to love her. And love her well you do. You have sickeningly cute little nicknames for one another, you only ever speaks well of her, and you can just tell by the way you look at her, and your sensitivity for her feelings and her happiness, that you have learned well to love Grace.

And Grace, I just loved you from minute one, not only because you emobody your name and are truly gracious, but because anyone who shares in Loudawg's sense of humor and can put with him, and in all truth love him the way he ought to be, is on the top of my list of people to like. And to love.

So here is to love, and to the honor of being able to attend your special day. I love you both, Louis and Grace, and as the Deacon said so well, I pray your marraige will grow and be strengthened by and in the love of Christ.




Anonymous said...

OMG...that was beautiful it made me cry...I always loved Louis and the special friendship the two of you have. You BOTH crack me up with your flavor of sarcasm towards one another :-) Congrats to Louis and Grace and May your lives be filled with joy and happiness for a lifetime.

Sheila Marsh aka Aunt Sheila

Anonymous said...

Congrats Louis & Grace!!! The photos of you are stunning and no doubt don't due justice to the great joy you were feeling that day as you made your vows.

I had the pleasure of meeting you, Grace, when Derrick & I dropped Nicole off at your apartment a few years ago when we came to New York. I remember that you are quite creative, and make amazing jewelry.

And of course, I met you Louis, at Nicole & Caleb's wedding. I could tell immediately that you had formed a deep friendship with Nicole, and that true to Nicole's word, your wit and sense of humour was a bond you both shared. It was neat to see you welcome Caleb into your friendship as he too, is a bit off the wall like you & Nicole!!!

And, so we were thrilled to hear about your very special day, Grace & Louis, and we wish you all God's best!

With love,
Laurie & Derrick (Caleb's folks)