Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Goodbye Pumpkins, Hello Pomanders

Ok, ladies... I did some pretty exciting stuff this weekend, including working on my Christmas ornaments AND creating this for our dining room

I got this idea from the Living Christmas edition from 2004. Shockingly, mine doesn't look just like Martha's, but... dare I say i think it turned out nicely? Ladies, this is without a doubt the first real thing I've ever created for my home that was soley for decorative purpose. Haha... it sounds so funny just typing it, but it's true so for me this was an exciting milestone. Hey, putting out the pumpkins was a first in itself! But I *made* that! Can you tell i'm proud? Hee hee...

And then, inspired by some of the lovely winter scenes outside my window

I got inspired to put away all the pumpkins and fall colored things (and when i say "all", so far that amounts to about four things...) away and get ready for Christmas. More pictures to come right after I buy some new batteries. ;)

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