Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Busy and Sick

It's been way too long (in my opinion) since I've posted; I have SO much I want to write about, fun pictures to post, recipes to get up online, reflections on the upcoming holiday season, all good stuff! But this weekend I was very busy, and we socialized twice, which would have been my blogging time. On top of that, I stayed home from work yesterday trying to prevent my oncoming sinus infection from taking over completely (praise the Lord, I was successful). So, now I am at work just sneaking a brief howdy until I can get to more proper blogging, likely tonight after Awanna or tomorrow.

In the meantime, enjoy this cute picture of our dog from our first earnest snowfall this weekend. It would be cooler if he had looked up at the picture, but what's neat is the early morning light and how it made the picture blue. I didn't do anything to alter it.


Sarah D. said...

Hope you are feeling better! I look forward to checking your blog everyday!

Dots said...

its a very cool picture..

Armchair Housewife said...

Hey, thanks for stopping by the blog, dots! I thought it was cool, too.

And sarah, that's sweet of you to check out the blog daily, with whatever hand, or finger, you might have free at the moment. :) How's our little man doing?