Sunday, November 9, 2008

Armchair Confessional IV

While we were away for the cruise, I managed to have our two pets looked after. Sadly, I was not as diligent in procuring care for the only other living thing in my care, the plant I talked about here. Apparenly, plants can't live on their for ten days, and I came home to find this:

Woops. So, Mr. Plant went into the garbage and later that day I purchased these pretty posies to replace them.

Any recent confessions you want to fess up to, ladies? Come on... show me up.


Lynne said...

This could be my favourite segment...loving the confessionals and just to make you feel better, I'll give you one...although it's actually not mine - about a month ago, my husband banged some frozen strawberries in our sink - our 2-year-old granite sink mind you - and he cracked it. He sheepishly went to the place where we got it from and the people looked at him very pityingly (word?). The owner then looked it up in the catalogue and said 'wow! this is a $700 sink' to which my husband thought to himself 'yes, which you sold to me'. Anyway, the good news is that the salesman came out and graciously granted us a brand new sink - no cost to us except of course in reinstalling it.

And that is why a wooden cutting board has been covering our right sink for too many weeks to count and is really driving me crazy - but only a little less than the huge box that now sits in our livingroom awaiting plumber joe to grace us with his presence.

Armchair Housewife said...

Ooooh... ouch. But what an incredible *blessing* that you got a new one for free! Wow! I hope "Joe the plumber" has time to stop by and fix your sink now that the election is over. Haha ;)

Also, Lynne, does your pregnancy centre have a web site? I'd love to link it on my blog here.

Lynne said...