Wednesday, October 15, 2008

True Women '08 Conference

OK, I have a ton to blog on for being gone for nearly a week here, but before I forget i wanted to post the link to the write-up on the first annual True Woman 'o8 Conference, put on by Nancy Leigh DeMoss and her ministry Revive Our Hearts. Follow the link below to read about the event, and to find links to *all* the sessions of the event which you can download for *free*. I am downloading as I type this and can't wait to hear all the great messages.

True Women '08 write up

If you want to skip and go right to the page where you can download the sessions, go here.

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Nicole said...

Hello, self! My comment is that, after listening to all the sessions, I most-loved the John Piper session (wow, powerful speaker, meaty stuff), the Janet Parshal session (she mostly left politics out), and the Joni Tada session (woweee powerful).

Check these three out if you can't listen to them all.