Friday, October 17, 2008

Salad Bar

In an effort to eat better, Caleb and I have taken to eating salad or soup most weeknights. In order to keep the salads interesting so we don't loose our minds and order pizza, I have to have lots of variety, and this can mean lots of prep, and thus lots of mess, each time we have salads. Because my lazy bone is most likely to flair up when faced with lots of prep and mess, I have begun keeping a salad bar prepped ahead in the fridge.

I put all the goodies out and we can make our salads to our liking

Usually on Sunday nights I get out the veg and fruits I want to prep for the salads, typically purchased fresh the day before on Saturday. With Oldies 1090AM rocking out the kitchen, and do all the coring, peeling, washing, slicing, and dicing, all at once for the week. This cuts down on dinner prep time and clean up M-F, which is very good news. I typically serve some kind of bread to go along with the salads.

I loooooove my mandolin- invest in one!!

I use my Fridgesmart Tupperware, which really does keep fruit and veg fresh a lot longer than regular Tupperware or other knock-off products. I'd love it if they would make a piece that was compartmentalized, but I make do with this one.

Do you ladies have any time-saving tips for weeknight meals?


Ticia said...

The salad bar is a great idea. Prepping it ahead of time is even better. I tend to precook meats to add to pastas or casseroles. I even precook hamburgers for those lazy nights. I just heat them in the microwave in their vac u seal bags and you have hot tasty burgers in minutes! Oh I also make homemade waffles and freeze them ahead and then we have those quick ones like from the store only better!


Nicole said...

Wow, those are some great tips. I woudnt have thought of cooking the burgers ahead. Stupid question but what is a vac u seal bag? Does that mean you microwave it from frozen, or do you have to let the patty thaw first?

Anonymous said...

Your blog is amazing Nicole. Talk about creativity, girl!!!

By the way, I use my "fridgesmart papaware" (that referring to my amazing husband the cook, for all you ladies who are confused!). Works better than Tupperware 'cause I do none of the work.

Good for you to purposefully plan ahead 'cause then the veggies are there and you can just -- "presto" put them together.

You've reminded me (yes, I guess I'll assume some responsibility around here. . . ), to chop up veggies so they are ready to go. I tend to just grab easy to take stuff, like green beans, snow peas, & carrots (which give me cramps).

Thanks for the household inspiration. Love your photos and your cute, 1950's sketches. Keep 'em coming!

Mom Mueller (hopefully not, "the dreaded mother-in-law" type)

Nicole said...

Certainly *not* any kind of "dreaded mother in law type"!! More like dear friend and loving mom.

I love your fridgesmart papaware comment... that was too cute. :)

Sarah D. said...

two words: crock pot

Nicole said...


Girl, I cannot believe you posted on my blog three days after having a baby. i am truly honored. :)

I don't know... I'm like scared of my crockpot. I need to get you postig rights on here so you can post some crockpot recipes.

Leslie said...

Did you know that if you put a FROZEN roast in a covered pan with 3/4 cup of your leftover morning coffee poured over it and an onion sliced on top in the oven at 250 F at about noon, by 5:30 you will have the most tender beef with the best gravy drippings ever? (and it won't taste like coffee, it just makes the meat tender!)

Armchair Housewife said...


That sounds so unbelievable that I might have to try it. Thanks for the tip!