Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Progress: the development of an individual or society in a direction considered more beneficial than and superior to the previous level. (from

How I was tempted to leave the kitchen last night:


How it looked before I went to bed:

I know to many women this seems ridiculous... to see cleaning your kitchen before you go to bed as progress. At this point, I really can't go to bed without the kitchen picked up. I would lay there thinking about the dirty dishes talking about me in the other room, and the disastrous prospect of waking up in the morning to a mess.

But this is what I mean by progress, because i hate to say it ladies I have not always been this way. It's definitely a result of discipline and the renewing of the mind. And my flesh still cries out, "just leave it! Go to bed! You had Awanna tonight, you're tired, you have a reason to leave it until tomorrow!" But, thanks be to God, this is one piece of evidence that I am a new creation and one can make change and progress, with God's help.

Ladies, what chore can you never leave undone in order to get a good night's sleep? Or, what chore do you really struggle to get done, even though you know it's really a necessity?

"her lamp does not go out at night"- Proverbs 31: 18


Anonymous said...

A good friend once said "If I weren't so tired, I'd go to bed."

Quite honestly, (without wanting to sound vain or possibly indicating that the rest of my world is in order ) I'd say flossing my teeth is just one of those chores before bed that sometimes seems too much. I can clean up the kitchen, put the laundry away, feed the dog.... but floss my teeth???! Sometimes, just the thought of it is too exhausting.

But, thanks be to God, I do it anyways 'cause it's good for my gums.

So there you secret's out of the bag. Anyone else?


Jane P said...

The kitchen, definitely. If I wake up to dirty dishes I'll be in a foul mood for the rest of the morning. And then there's my daughter, the preschool-aged Martha Stewart. She had the gall to say to me one morning, "Mommy, the couch in the TV room is messy." Yes, I went to bed without fluffing the cushions, I admit it!! Now, do I really need to have a little girl point that out to me? From now on, thirty seconds of work on the couch before going to bed so my baby respects my housekeeping skills. It's worth it.

Armchair Housewife said...

hee hee... jane, that is precious. It's amazing how kids' personalities are so distinct even from a young age. It probably speaks to your good housekeeping skills, though, if she noticed that the couch was "messy"- must be it was out of hte ordinary to hit her radar.

Flossing... hmm... I won't go there. That would have to be filed under "dental confessionals" on a different blog.

Jane P said...

It has nothing to do with my housekeeping, she's just very observant and particular. What I should've said to her was, "Well, you're a big girl, why don't YOU neaten up the couch???" However, it was too early in the morning to think of a character-building comeback.

Have a great vacation!!