Sunday, October 19, 2008

Housekeeping Heroes

I hope for this to be a reoccurring series of posts, where I celebrate some of my Heroes of Housekeeping, both real and fictional.

I couldn't start with anyone other than my mom. Mom had to work when I was growing up so she didn't have the chance to be the susie homemaker that I know she would have loved to be. But, despite her full-time work schedule, she still had some sweet domestic skills that inspired and taught me.

She is a rather gifted seamstress and she had made many a slip cover in her day. She also sewed my prom dress, and the accessories to my wedding gown, including my veil and my shawl. Mom taught me the basics of sewing earlier this year, and here are some pictures of us at work.
I still have a looong way to go before can say I actually “know how to sew”, but mom got me started in the right direction.

Mom, showing me how to read a pattern.

Me, laying out my first pattern.

Like mother... daughter.

Mom also owned her own successful cleaning business for a few years right around the time that Caleb and I got married, and as her sometime employee, mom taught me a lot about the hard business of getting down and dirty with cleaning. She taught me tips for cutting costs on cleaning products by making your own, and taught me things like time management, and the value of elbow grease. Also, she just plain made me proud of her for how hard she worked and how well she did with her business.

Mom also really gave me an appreciation for second hand stores and antiques. We both love old stuff, and we are both big time Anglophiles. Also, mom makes a mean spaghetti sauce that, six years into my marriage, I am still trying to get right.

Lastly, as a woman who worked as a server for many years of her life, mom really instilled in me the value of being a good hostess, and of service. I have worked as a server and in other forms of customer service all of my working career thus far, and I like to think I learned good lessons on the skills of service from my hospitable mom.

Thanks, mom, for being my Hero!

So, who are YOUR heroes of housekeeping? Who has really influenced you, or who do you strive to emulate?


Anonymous said...

What can I possibly say?
I have a few housekeeping heros. My most recent being my daughter, my amazment that she is probably one of the most efficieent and organized people I know. That she certainly didn't get from her hero.

Armchair Housewife said...

Well, Mom, God love you... you don't get out enough if I am "one of the most efficeint and organd people" that you know. That's what this blog is all about, in fact! :)

But thanks, mom, for the encouragement and praise. Love you!

Anonymous said...

Isn't it wonderful when you live to see the time that your kids come back and bless you (as adults)?

Nicole, how honouring you were to your mom in these reflections, and your spirit of wanting to learn from her is so sincere!

When our kids were younger, I was blessed with warm eyes gazing up at me while nursing, or that special "picture I drew for you" that they would bring home. During the teen years some of these bonds were harder to find. So what a delight to be so privileged to know your "kids" as adults, and to be so blessed by their company!

Laurie (Mom-in-law)

Armchair Housewife said...

Aww, mom! what a sweet post, and I can imagine so true for a mother's heart. Thanks for sharing that perspective!

Anonymous said...


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