Sunday, October 19, 2008

Hola, Mexico, Australia, and Malaysia!

I use sitemeter to track how many times people view my blog and where they are viewing it from. It's a really neat service, and it's free.

I find it fascinating that someone in Mexico, Australia, and Malaysia have viewed this blog, along with many states and provinces in US and Canada. As it says in the ad above, "it's a small world", when you're on the internet.

Welcome, ladies, and I really hope you'll stick around and post your own thoughts here at Armchair Housewife!

Y Quiero decir muchos bienvenidos ala mujer de Mexico! Yo viviste en Arizona quando fue una nina, y me gusta mucha la cultra, la idioma, y la comida mexicana. Lo siento para mi espanol, es muy pobre!


Jane P. said...

Hi Nicole,

Chances are, I'm the Mexican reader that your site identified. Thank you for the greeting -- what a lovely surprise! I found your site through Home Living. If you ever do come here, please let me know. And, don't worry about your Spanish, at least around me. I'm American.

Nicole said...

Welcome, Jane! I would love to hear your story sometime of why you are living in Mexico. It's an blessing to have you stopping in at the blog and I hope you'll contribute with your own tips, stories, and ideas.



Jane P said...

I'd be happy to post some recipes -- can you get chiles, squash blossoms and mole sauces in Canada? If so, let me know....

Oh, and how did I end up in Mexico? My husband was transferred. Not too exciting a tale.



Armchair Housewife said...


I can get chiles, and I know I can get squash blossoms but only at the end of hte summer in the farmer's markets. As for Mole sauces.. no chance unless I make them. Up here in Canada I have to pay THREE DOLLARS or more for a can of refried beans. I have always loved Mexican food and we make it frequently, but the ingredients aren't cheap.

But pass on the recipes anyway, maybe the next time I do a recipe post, and I'll see what I can do!! Thanks for posting! (and hey, why don't you start a blog about your experiences in Mexico? I would *totally* read that!)

Anonymous said...

ola Jane! Wish I could converse in spanish, but I can understand the language somewhat as I can speak french.

It's so neat to have you participate in the blog! Some recipies from your part of the world would be awesome!


Jane P said...

Laurie and Nicole: OK, it's time to organize the recipes! As for making mole sauces from scratch, that's post-doc level Mexican cuisine, at least if you haven't grown up in a Mexican household. I just buy the stuff at the supermarket!

Nicole: I'd love to start a blog, but security is an issue in this country. It's better to keep a low profile, especially if you're an expat.