Thursday, October 23, 2008

Gone Cruisin'

The hubby and I are off for a ten day trip to the states for a wedding this weekend and then a Sunday to Sunday cruise out of NYC to Bermuda. Yes, you read that right... we'll be going to bermuda.

So this means a hiatus for the Armchair Housewife, but do come back in two weeks or so because i have about 20 posts already planned and I know i'll have a ton more once I return.

We were blessed to go on a cruise to Bermuda last year, courtesy of my hubby's wonderful parents. I was going to put up some pictures from last year's trip, but Picassa is freaking out tonight and not working. I'll do a nice slideshow of the pics from this trip when I get back, plus lots more on the Homemaking front. This week has been light on the homemaking as I have been working extra hours at the office (ugh...) in preparation for being gone for a week. December 1st, I long for thee! :)
Have you ladies been on any interesting trips this year, or any planned?


Anonymous said...

Hi Nicole~
I didn't realize you were going away and I think due to our schedules I will be gone when you are back! I am leaving for the Domician Republic on November 12th-19th. I am going on a mission's trip with 2nd Mile Missions where we will be miistering to the people who have been so gravely affected by the recent hurricanes of this past season. I will also be speaking to the church women and the leadership team in the DR which will be quite an experience because I do not know the language at all. However I know God's love is in every language. I will keep you updated but I appreciate your prayers as God is opening a new door in my life once again. :-)

50s Housewife said...

Have a wonderful time!