Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Armchair Housewife First: Flowers

Just want to start out this entry with a big shout out to my homegirl Sarah, who is one of my ones of faithful blog "followers". I wasn't really ready to have followers, though, so I changed the title to "Friends". Thanks for validating my blog, Sarah, you're the best! And more of you... follow me!

I just wanted to post a picture of the very first plant/flowers I have ever purchased for myself and/or my home. That's right... ever. I once had bequeathed to me these sad little spider plants in old mugs that I let eek out an existence on my shelf until they outgrew their surroundings and started to die, so I euthanize them and send them to the big garbage heap in the sky.

Up to this point, that has been my personal horticultural history.

But, on Sunday, after working hard for two days to get my house nice and clean and my dining room table totally free of debris (it often covered with this laptop and paperwork) I was at the grocery store, saw a pot of... (searching for name of flowers on the pot.... not finding it)... flowers that looked pretty and all autumny and I thought, "hey, I bet women buy those and decorate their houses with them", and so... I did! I paid 7.99 for them, and I have no idea if that was a steal or if I got ripped off. I quite love having them there whenever I walk by, or sitting there as I type away on this blog or listen to the talking heads on cnn.com.

The picture is kind of small, but if anyone can make out what my flowers are, let me know!


Sarah D. said...

Usually around this time of year I see a lot of mums for sale - they come in pretty fall colors like orange, yellow and reddish. Maybe that's what they are?? I do not have much luck with plants (as in my sagging attempt at rose bushes in my front yard) except for a Christmas cactus that I was given at my father's funeral. I was told it was part of a plant my father's relative brought over from Italy. Gee, how is that for pressure to keep this thing alive??!! The fact that it is still green and lively is surely an act of God.
On a housewife note, my plans for the day include cooking dinner in the crock pot and clearing off the dreaded dining room table.

Anonymous said...

I was able to get a larger picture and yes, they are mums, but not the regular old funeral parlour mums (as I call them) Keep them watered and they will last a long time. Mary H