Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Away From Home

The Armchair Housewife (who likes to talk about herself in the third person) will be away until Tuesday, and as such is not likely to post. But don't let the fire dwindle, come back next week for more confessions (in fact I would have had one posted tonight if the blogger picture importer wasn't driving me insane), stories, recipes (i made an awesome stew I'm going to post next week), and everyone's favorite, pictures of my dog.

I am traveling to New York to visit family and attend a benefit being thrown for my sister, Ashley, her boyfriend Ron, and their son Devon. Devon was born this year and has gastroschysis, which is where the intestines develop outside the body in the womb. He is doing well, but is still at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia and still has a way to go before he can come home. Follow the link on the right to see more of his story.

See you soon, ladies!

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