Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Auction Wins

There was a benefit thrown for my sister, Ashley, her boyfriend Ron, and their son Devon last weekend. Go here to read more and see pictures of the event.
Two of the main events of the evening were the auctions. One was a silent auction, and the other was what they refer to as a “Chinese” auction, which I'm not sure is a politically correct name, in which people buy tickets and place them in bags for the items they are interested in, and then the tickets are drawn for each item at the end of the evening. It's a cross between an auction and a raffle, really.

I managed to win a few items, both in the silent and the Chinese auction. From the silent auction I won this:

Cute little pumpkin set, very seasonal

From the chinese auction I won these:

little silver finger foods tray- I've really been wanting one

This is a nice, simple, glass chip and dip set, something I need as I do more entertaining
I also won a stack of Patricia Cornwell books for my sister. Now i just need to find space to put these things as they are still on my dining room table.

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