Thursday, October 16, 2008

Armchair Confessionals II

I warned you there would be more...

1. The ugly plaid couch. When caleb and I moved to Ontario nearly five years ago now, we were blessed beyond our dreams with everything we needed in our apartment when we arrived. Courtesy of our inlaws, we were given a two-seater plaid couch, circa 1977. It served us well these past five years until a month ago, when our neighbors Scott and Steven shared the wealth of their gorgeous living room set and gave us their two-seater couch. It was bigger, more comfortable, matched the colors in our living room and... wasn't plaid. But, even though it's been replaced, the couch is still here. I have not gotten around to begging the use of someone's truck or renting one to get it (along with the table and the baker's rack on the deck) to the thrift store or dump. See and compare the two couches below:

The Old Couch

The New Couch

2. My deck. Oh goodness gracious the deck. When we first moved in I had such grand plans for the deck, but we soon found out we couldn't afford a patio furniture set, and soon after that the deck started being used as a garage. Currently, there deck is home to our cooler, some paint cans, a disassembled dinner table we need to get rid of, a baker's rack that also needs to go, my laundry rack on which I dry delicates (probably the only legitimate item out there), and a big box of recyclables I need to take to the dump. I can't bring myself to actually include the picture here.... I just can't do it. Thankfully, as we are on the second floor, no one sees this but me, but it's still there. (goodness I feel like the hoarders on Oprah. Ok, it's not that bad, its like lot of peoples garages I am sure, but the point is it's not a garage, but a deck).

Come on now, ladies, what do you have to confess?

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Lynne said...

I want to see a picture!! I told you I was getting addicted...