Monday, October 6, 2008

Armchair Confessional

I have a distinct feeling this is going to be a regular segment on this blog.
And just maybe it can turn into a place where others leave their housekeeping confessions, too (although I dare anyone to come up with ones as good as mine). And just maybe maybe, confessing these things will motivate me to fix them so i can have a nice 'before' and 'after' section of my blog. :)

1. There has been painter's tape on my wall since April. Since moving into this apartment I still haven't painted the hallway. The tiny hallway when you first walk in, as well as the bathroom, were the two areas of the apartment that I didn't get to painting before we actually moved in. And since then, I have only had only, oh... 6 1/2 months to get it done. Here are some pictures you can enter as evidence:

2. My rabbit is slowly eating my living room wall. We have a pet rabbit (don't ask me why) and as he has gotten older, he has gotten increasingly mischievous, and he has, since we moved in here, taken to eating the wall. He grabs some of the painted-over wallpaper, and tears at it. It must just be a fun thing to do. I can't stomach keeping in his cage all day, but I have limited him to being fenced in to a closet unless we are in the living room, at which point we let him out so if he starts at the wall we can stop him. But the real confession here is that 1.) the reason he has such access to the wall is because I took the molding off when we moved in to paint it and have yet to accomplish that task, and 2) I have not fixed the damage but have left it. See the evidence below:

That's all for now. Believe me, there's more to come...

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