Monday, October 6, 2008

Anxiety Attacks and Shower Curtains

still from Psycho's famous shower scene

I really don't like buying big ticket items, and I really really don't like buying big ticket items retail. I am an avid fan and believer in second hand stores, and when I get into the big retail stores and have to look at anything that is going to cost me more than 15 dollars (that shows you my definition of 'big ticket'), I hem and haw and hem and haw and then hem again some more until I either feel like passing out and end up running out of the store itemless, or I hold my breath, buy the stupid thing, and then struggle with buyer's remorse for variable lengths of time. What helps is having Caleb along; if he says let's get it there's no problem. But on my own I'm useless.

I have been wanting to get a shower curtain since we moved in this apartment in April. I had a nice enough green one in the old apartment, but I left it for the bachelor friend of mine moving in as I knew the green wouldn't match my yellow wall in the new place. I actually fancied that I would sew myself one once upon a time, but as that has proved about as realistic as my career with the New York City Ballet, I started thinking about buying one again a few weeks ago.
So I went into a Zellers two Saturdays ago, and looked at the shower curtains. I just about threw up when I saw the average price was 29.99. Thirty dollars for a shower curtain made in china by some poor kid who probably didn't make a penny (literally) for the whole thing. I hemmed... I hawed, and finally I just got so overwhelmed that I walked out.

I repeated this process at a Home Outfitter this past Saturday (where the average price had jumped five dollars).

Finally I broke down on Sunday and, against my usual judgment call, I went to Walmart. There I found a great shower curtain for only 20.00 I then hemmed and hawed about buying a matching rug set but stopped myself and said, Nicole it'20.00 just get it and be done with it. So I did.

the elusive shower curtain

the bath set, as best as I could photograph it

I'm pretty happy with it myself. I'd like to get a hand towel ring and install it next to the bathroom sink and hang a pretty brown towel to match the rugs, but I couldn't stomach another 20 dollars for those two items. The best part about the shower curtain is that I can now have people over and not be ashamed to have them go into the bathroom and see through the clear liner at the mildew-stained ceiling of our dates-from-the-middle-ages shower ceiling. But that's content for another post.


Lynne said...

I figured I'd comment so you'd know someone had read it - you are so awesome - I think I might soon be addicted to your blog... way to go! This explains why you don't email me anymore... lol

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